The smart contract leverages the immutable recording and trust model of the blockchain.

A DApp can be created with a non-blockchain back-end.
Interplanetary file system, IPFS, is an example of such an architecture.

Categories of APIs

  • Management APIs
    • admin, debug, miner, personal, and txpool.
    • They support methods for management of the geth node.
  • Web3 API, web3, eth, and net.
    • They support methods for development of Dapps.

Smart contract design

Smart contract design now has four components. The smart contract name, data, modifiers, and functions.

Truffle IDE

Once truffle init executes, you will see three directories of folders, contracts, migrations, and test.
And contracts contains solidity source files for our smart contracts.
There is an important contract here called migration.sol, that is the smart contract for facilitating deployment.
A migration is additional special small contract that keeps track of changes.

truffle.js, the truffle configuration file, that specify the blockchain network ID, IP, and RPC port.

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