Miracles, Magic. They are real.



Persona Profile

LGBT right supporter.
Cryptocurrency service provider.
Struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Paleo/Keto/SCD/Gluten-free, made a success.
Hold Brothers Capital, LLC: DT.
Engineer: Python/Angular/Node.js

About this site

Blog created in 2019/03.
Domain immigrated in 2020/03.
Domain immigrated in 2020/11.
Historical data was not restored.

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Blog framework: Hexo.
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Other tools works with Hexo NexT.
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1.Add a link on your site for my blog.
2.Email to admin@kamisu66.com with you you name, avatar, site, info.
For example:
name: Miracles, Magic. They are real.
avatar: https://www.kamisu66.com/images/kashiwada_agadgqadvjaniq.png
site: https://www.kamisu66.com/
info: 一切价值源于生命给予的定义,生命本身为最高价值。